Privacy Policy


Neuneto considers that the privacy and data protection of our guests and users are of extreme importance, therefore we take reinforced measures to protect the security and integrity of all the information.  

To make sure you feel confident in providing us with personal information every time you communicate with us and to enjoy our services, we describe below our practices regarding the collection and use of personal data. This policy establishes the foundation over which we recall, use, and process personal data. 


What type of information is collected? 


Personal identification information may be requested when there would exist access to a certain communication area, subscription, registration, or other possible activities on the website. We can collect and process the following information about you: 

  • Name, phone number, address, interests, requests, and any other relevant personal information to the services we provide. This information can be provided when your interest is registered, subscription of our services, forms, or request for information. 
  • Correspondence or another type of contact that may be established with us. 
  • Details of your visits to the website include traffic data, web registration, or other communication data, and the resources used, are also some other data that can be collected. 

Sharing personal information is not mandatory, as it should be the user’s decision however if you do not wish to share the personal information requested you may not be able to finish the services subscription or access several areas or platform services. 

When visiting the website, we collect information such as IP address, domain name, among others. This information together with the shared data, allows us to improve the customization of the user visit. 

The shared information may be used to process transactions, but also being used to intern data processing, such as statistic information compilation about your interests and utilization of our website. 


How the personal information you provide us is applied? 


Neuneto’s platform will collect, register, storage, and use your personal data as of the following: 

  • Provide information or requested services within a specific and relevant way; 
  • Match any subscribed services; 
  • Notify relevant changes; 
  • Provide special offers of your interest. 
  • Creation of relevant content for the user.
  • To find services or information quickly about important and relevant products for the user. 


How is the provided information protection done? 


To make sure we guarantee the safety of the personal data you provide us, several security measures and different types of protection are established. Your personal information is kept safe on secure networks that are only accessed by a limited number of people who hold special access rights and compromise to respect and keep all information confidential.  

Important to alert that when you share personal information on any internet page intrinsically exists the risk that it may be intercepted and used by a third party, beyond our control. Although every effort and condition is gathered to protect all your information and privacy, we can not guarantee the total safety of the information made available on the internet. 

Your personal information is not sold, rent or given to third parties. 


Who administrates the personal information? 


The collected information is administrated and controlled only by NeuNeto. We offer enough guarantee regarding the protection of your personal information, the same being administrated in conformity with the actual legislation relative to the protection of personal information, as this privacy policy.  


How long is data saved? 


We save your data in our system for long as it is necessary to our activity or for the specified time in any concluded contract. 


What Cookies information is saved? 


Using our website will result in the placement of cookies in your computer in the following categories: 

  • Mandatory – Cookies are used to save and maintain the user’s information, allowing to determine their preferences, assist in filling forms, allowing access to private portal areas and whether authentication is necessary, well as to collect performance indicators, source, and schedule access to the website. 
  • Session – these are temporary cookies that remain within the browser’s cookies archive until the user leaves the portal. The information obtained from these cookies is to analyze web traffic standards, allowing to identify problems and to provide a better browsing experience. 
  • Programming advertising –  the programming advertising cookies allows leading advertisement in the function of each user’s interest, in order to provide advertisement campaigns given each user’s taste. Besides, it limits the amount of time the ad is visualized, helping to measure the advertisement efficiency and the portal’s organization success. 

These cookies are used for the following purposes: 

  • Allow browsing in our websites and application usage, as well as to access portal secure areas. Without these cookies, the required services can not be rendered; 
  • Saving user’s preferences regarding the website utilization, not to be necessary to configure it again every time you visit; 
  • Guarantee your account’s safety; 
  • Improve web pages performance; 
  • Guarantee the process of services subscription. 


Policy changes 


NeuNeto reserves the right to change or update this Privacy Policy and any other of our privacy practices at any moment. We will notify the users of this website, posting an updated policy on this page. Those changes will take immediate effect without short notice.