How to Get Salesforce Job without experience

Apply for open positions and different internship programs. 


Then more touch points you will make with recruiters, then higher chances to be noticed. Don’t afraid add them and write them directly in professional networks, ex: LinkedIn Search for different scholarship and internship programs, which are looking for Salesforce Professionals to help them to grow.


Salesforce Certifications are the main bullet points if you don’t have past experience with CRM.


When you applied for Salesforce Positions, the first step – what a recruiter will do – is reviewing your CV. To catch a hiring manager’s eye can help you experience. If you don’t have past experience as Salesforce Professionals, you should prove your strong knowledge of the Salesforce system, with this you need to pass the official Salesforce Exam according to your specialization.

Become Official Certified from Salesforce, is not an easy process and requires a lot of time for preparation. 

All Salesforce Certifications are valuable all around the world.


Take Salesforce Certification Training from recruitment and training providers.


There are a couple valuable advantages for you, first, you learn Salesforce with an Official Salesforce Instructor who will prepare you for intense real projects and, second, after Salesforce training and sales force certification they are helping to find a work. 

NeuNeto – recruitment and training provider is a good example, where you can learn Salesforce CRM with an official instructor and receive support in work placement. We provide different Salesforce online trainings, which will prepare you for the Salesforce certification and live projects in multinational companies.


Write Cross Functional Skills in your Resume


According to the Salesforce path which you choose, you can mark in your Resume the skills which can be also valuable for a role. 

If you are following the Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s path, it can be very valuable to match your knowledge regarding Digital Marketing, SEO, Email marketing, Google Analytics, HTML. 

If you choose to start your career with Salesforce Administrator, go deeper with skills as Apex, Java, HTML, MS Excel, MS Access, Scrum.


Don’t forget to mention all your achievements with Trailhead Rankings and SuperBages. 


Studying Salesforce through Trailhead gives you a possibility to earn badges. Quantity of badges represents your level of studying process, and amount of topics which you covered. Be a Ranger, get 100 badges. 

Superbages is implementing different scenarios of projects which you can meet with company, successfully completing them can prove your practical knowledge of the Salesforce platform in different objects.