How to prepare for the Salesforce Administrator certification?

If you have already read about Salesforce and its certifications, you know that the Administrator certification is the one recommended to begin the tool.

The professional’s majority begins with this exam because it allows having a foundation of all Salesforce aspects.

In case the goal is to enter the Salesforce world and don’t know where to start, this post is the right place to find out – we explain what the Salesforce Administrator certification consists of and its advantages in the work market.


What is the role of a Salesforce Administrator?


In general, the Salesforce Administrators are responsible for configuration and maintaining the platform, fixing errors, training users, creating reports, among others.

The administrator’s role and responsibility always depend on the size and complexity of the company where is working.


Why certificating as Salesforce Administrator?


According to Salesforce’s data, 77% of the professionals have at least one certification, and 39% confirm getting a better salary after obtaining the certifications.

It becomes clear that a Salesforce certification can be of great support in labor activities, besides the added value of getting to know better the platform.


How does the Salesforce Administrator exam consist?


The exam consists of 60 questions where 65% correct answers are necessary to obtain the certification.

The exam costs 200$ American (+VAT), although the first repetition is for free, from there on has a cost of 100$ American.

You can do the exam in person in the nearest center next to you. In any case, NeuNeto gives support through the whole process.


Topics covered in the test


If you apply for the Salesforce Administrator exam, it is fundamental to know in depth the following subjects and key aspects of the platform:

  • Installation and configuration (20%)
  • Objects manager and Lightning apps generator (20%)
  • Sales and marketing apps (12%)
  • Service and assistance apps (11%)
  • Collaboration and productivity (7%)
  • Data management and analysis (14%)
  • Work/Process flow Automation (16%)

We advise you to consider the percentages indicated above, to pay more attention to which subjects you should dedicate more time to study.


How should you study for this certification?


At NeuNeto we are experienced professionals preparing Salesforce certifications, among them, the Administrator. The instructors in our team are active professionals whose support will be provided anytime necessary, not only to the exam preparation as well for the professional future.


Interested in learning more about this and other Salesforce certifications? Do not hesitate to contact us!



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