How to prepare for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification?

If you want to prepare yourself for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification Exam you are at the right place! Here at NeuNeto, we are specialized in Marketing Cloud Training and its different certifications.


Certification details


The exam consists of 65 questions from which 5 will be randomly selected, these are not rated but are valued to the final result. To pass the exam, 67% approval is necessary. The exam costs 200$ American + VAT and in case of failure, the first repetition is for free, from there on it adds 100$.

The exam can be done at the nearest center to you or online.

Any other questions that may arise, such as the exam reservation and scheduling, we offer all support and necessary guidance.


The exam is consisted in 5 parts:


1. Digital Marketing Proficiency (13%)

Acknowledge and understand clearly all necessary requirements to comply with CAN-SPAM law, also is necessary to know the best ways to maintain the data protected in Marketing Cloud.


2. Subscribe Data Management (18%)

In this second part of the exam, we test the detailed knowledge of contacts and subscribers, well as its diferences but also of how to manage its contacts and data through Contact Builder.

It will also be necessary to know Contact Keys, Contact ID and Subscriber Keys.


3. Setup (38%)

This part of the exam is the most important in the final score. In this part is fundamental knowing:

  • Describe the initial page functions of Marketing Cloud configuration
  • Acknowledge the Marketing Cloud extension products
  • To know in-depth the business units configuration – users and permissions; security and passwords. It will also be necessary to know how to administrate the business units and allow access to users, as well, to know how to create these units, including the subscription configuration, in a way it can be removed or not from all the remaining units or a secondary unity only. At last, it will be necessary to understand the necessity and the reasons for different commercial units existing.


4. Chanel Management (16%)

This part of the exam is oriented to the modules knowledge of Mobile Studio, E-mail Studio, Advertising Studio, and the Journey Builder pros and cons.


5. Maintenance (15%)

Test your knowledge regarding the report creation by sending it to someone.


What do we provide at NeuNeto?


At NeuNeto, you will acquire all necessary knowledge about Marketing Cloud, making you prepared for the certification exam through professionals who work on this Salesforce solution on a daily basis. Not only you will acquire the material and knowledge to prepare for the certification, but you will also have access to the professional world of this powerful tool which is Salesforce.


Interested in learning more about this and other Salesforce certifications? Do not hesitate to contact us!


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