Academic Alliance ISLA Santarém – NeuNeto

Partnership ISLA Santarém – NeuNeto in Salesforce Training

Portuguese multinational, based in Santarém county, promotes the student’s digital talent of Ribatejo.

NeuNeto formalizes its partnership with ISLA Santarém, which will mainly focus on the Salesforce training of the Institute students, supporting certification and the career beginning of all trainees, assuring their employability in the most growing sector of today – Information Technology.

The main principle of this union between NeuNeto and ISLA, lays its foundation in providing tools and support in creating careers of success within the technology ecosystem, resulting in the region’s growth in the multinational panorama, having the global market in consideration where Salesforce stands.

We assure commitment to training excellent professionals, ready to face the Salesforce market. With the right knowledge as far as tools development, verification of process efficiency and implementation of new tools, as career start level.

Existing with the purpose of promoting the employability and the national and international reach of the region through the specialization of younger people in emergent technologies and consequently the competitiveness increase in the job market.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is CRM number one around the world – supports marketing teams, sales, services, and IT within the daily work, gathering all the organization necessary information giving it access anywhere. It is a solution used to manage relationships that offers a unique and customized vision to each one but is shared between everyone.

What is Salesforce for?

  • Internal organization, translating to full benefits.
  • Involving the clients through Digital Marketing
  • A smarter way of selling, efficient and fast
  • Initiate an on-line commerce faster and easier
  • Offer a flawless service to the client/other organizations
  • Team ability to work from anywhere.

There are more than 150.000 companies expanding their Salesforce business – better jobs, lives, and communities.

Salesforce Administrator
The first step in the Salesforce career.

The Salesforce Administrators work directly with the organization where the tool is implemented – define requirements, customize the whole platform, allowing each user to take the best advantage of it.

We walk together to form the future.


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