Global recruitment and digital competences provider.
Specialized within the information technology ecosystem.

Clusters: Enterprise On Premise, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Big Data and Machine Learning.

About us
NeuNeto is a recruitment and training organisation. We have an extensive knowledge of the recruitment market within the Information Technology Ecosystem for end-clients and system integrators for both contract & permanent positions.

Our experience in markets around the world gives us the knowledge and deep understanding of recruitment business
We adapt to each client's business processes and needs.
With a vast access to a niche network of technology professionals as well, the most advanced technology tools allow us to provide a fast and effective professional service.

Managed Workforce
Staffing and Recruitment
Training & Education
Whatever your roles are contract or permanent we have the relationships, market intelligence and capability to deliver the professional according to your needs.
Outsource your recruitment processes and focus on your ongoing work projects always with transversal communication.
Our trainers gives us the allowance to deliver official Salesforce trainings, regardless of being standardised or according to the needs of the client, to upskill or retain workforce.
Our training vertical allows us to diagnose, train, certify and upskill the workforce within Salesforce with official trainings.
We partnered with Companies, Universities, Government Bodies and European Commission in order to close the digital skills gap.
Contract & permanent
Let's hire together!
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