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What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud provide 7 different tools: Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Social Studio, Journey Builder, Data Studio, Advertising Studio and Salesforce DMP.

All together they allow you communicate with you customer at the best time, with a personalized content and through a right channel.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud you can reach your customer through email, social media, mobile messaging, digital advertising or website content.

Why learn Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud includes the highest ROI of digital marketing channels.

The demand of marketers with this skills continues to grow.

As we are facing the significant skills gap on the market, we are here to prepare high valuable professionals and close this gap.

Path of studying
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
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Who should take this training

All marketers who wants to upskill themself for the latest digital marketing trends and open new job opportunities with a better salary.

Who is passionate about marketing,
Who is creative thinking and want to get new skills and change the career to the digital.
Who wants to work in multinational companies, be part of the interesting projects and famous brands.
Who wants to be valuable professional all around the world and get a challenge to work in different countries
You want be attractive to big companies and stand out from most of student, thinking of fast growing career with good salary.
You found exectly what you need.
Who should take this trainings ?
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