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Different languages & time zone's

Mission: Provide Equity within the Information Technology with the best Salesforce training and Digital Competences and lead to a prosperous career for everyone that wants to be part of the digital transformation

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Career advice
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If you just want to start your career in Salesforce:
in case you choose to follow the Salesforce CRM career path, we will suggest you to start from Salesforce Administrator training or how we call Salesforce Admin training for beginners, in case you choose to follow the Salesforce CRM career path
Salesforce Marketing Cloud email specialist Training, if you are more passionate about digital marketing.

Salesforce for Beginners and Experienced

Salesforce trainings for companies
For companies who are using Salesforce for a year we are preparing tailor-made salesforce training programs according to their business process and helping their employees to work with Salesforce more efficiently.
For companies who have just started to implement Salesforce in their organizations, we are helping with the training of their employees and their Salesforce certifications.
Salesforce Trainings Spain, London, New Jersey, Boston, New York,
Salesforce trainings for Students
The market is facing a growing skills gap that is leaving hundreds of thousands of positions open and to help to close this gap, we are providing Salesforce Education for Universities and their students to have the right skills.

Depending on the Faculty, we are providing different sales force classes for students and their teachers. To give opportunity for every student we are launching a Salesforce Scholarship, which allows students to learn Salesforce, becomes Certified with certified Instructor Live for FREE and get a placement after.

Different languages & Time Zones
Due to our multinational pull of instructors, we are providing Salesforce trainings in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian and for different countries in different time zones.

Our students attend Salesforce online classes from all around the world (Europe - Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Singapore) and different cities: New York, San Francisco, London, Melbourne, Boston, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Munich, Moscow, New Jersey, Lisboa, Porto, Bangalore).

Free 1 day Intense Salesforce workshops based on different programs Salesforce Administration, Marketing Cloud, and Developer courses, as well as end-user trainings.
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Salesforce programs on English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian
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