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With this instructor-led course you will learn how to build and run bots with the Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019 Platform, gaining all the skills you need for a career as a certified RPA professional, ready to develop the next-generation digital workforce.

The course will give you a comprehensive understanding of the platform's architecture and components, all features, functions, best practices and use cases, and enable you to obtain the Advanced RPA Professional certification. It will also lay the foundations that will help you obtain the Master RPA Professional certification.

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Programa de Formação

Architecture overview and best cases
Control Room
A2019 Packages and Actions
Detailed assisted/individual exercises based on real world scenarios:
  • Best Practices: Variable, Comments, Error handling
  • Recorder
  • Certification Guidance
  • Web data management
  • Bots and child bots
  • Excel manipulation and data migration
  • Email integration
  • Web Services with XML and the REST API and Database Connection
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